Friday, July 4, 2008

Links With Your Java


I’m kind of swamped with work today, so I’m going to try something a little different and go all Glenn Reynolds here for a little bit, with a series of quick hits in the same post that will be updated periodically as the day goes on. The title by the way is a shameless rip-off from Onegoodmove’s daily “Links With Your Coffee” feature. Maybe you can think of something better…

More legal troubles for the Libs as paper cup wholesaler Jennifer Wright “is moving closer to a full-blown lawsuit” over use of the generic name “Green Shift”… So should we deduce from this that her lawsuit is still just half-baked at the moment? I wonder if she’s found a pro-bono trademark lawyer yet.

The Tories come up with a new angle on the “in-and-out” campaign fund laundering scheme, claiming that Elections Canada changed the rules on them, citing as “proof” the fact that the handbook for candidates was updated a year after the election. Elections Canada says this was simply to account for provisions in the new Accountability Act. Apparently, this cockamamie argument makes sense to the Conservatives — sounds desperate to me.

The Telegraph publishes a world map showing which areas are most likely to be vulnerable to climate change — it could be a metaphor for cruel irony. Canada is shown to be “best to escape climate change.” Expect the usual suspects to say incredibly dumb things.

Editorials from papers across Canada weigh in on Morgentaler’s appointment to the Order of Canada with the tiresome complaint that it was unfortunately “divisive” — you know, as opposed to being innocuous and largely irrelevant is usually the case. Some silly people seem to think these fatuous opinions actually mean something. David Graham calls Rev. Lucien Larre’s returning of the Order “the height of arrogance.” Indeed.

What a great way to spend $3 million! Absent any way of conceivably blaming past Liberal governments for this egregious waste of money, expect to hear stunning silence from “fiscally conservative” Tory bloggers.

Well whattaya know, Ezra Levant was right (yes, it does happen; broken clocks and all that). His nemesis Mohamed Elmasry is, in fact, a stunningly clueless, blithering idiot.