Wednesday, July 2, 2008

U.S. Deserter “Fully Welcome” Back Home

As reported by ABC News, “According to U.S. Army documents and officials, Glass was discharged from the California National Guard Dec. 1, 2006, four months after he arrived in Canada.” ABC quotes Major Nathan Banks a U.S. Army spokesman as saying, “He is not considered absent without leave. He is not considered a deserter. He is running for no reason. He is fully welcome in the United States. I cannot believe this is a big deal in Canada.”

It seems that, unknown to him, Glass was actually discharged from the U.S. Army shortly after he went AWOL in 2006. “I had absolutely no idea that I had been discharged,” said Glass when ABC News informed him of his status. “This is insane. This is so weird. There are no warrants? No one is looking for me?”

“The Army called my mother and told her I would be treated as a felon and never be able to find a job,” Glass told ABC News after learning he had been discharged. “But I never got anything official. I guess I never really asked.”

Well, that certainly puts a different spin on matters, doesn’t it? One has to wonder if the same situation applies to the other “deserters” (or “conscientious objectors” if you prefer)?