Monday, June 30, 2008

Un-American Obama has “Canadian Values”

Blame Canada

That appears to be the gist of this absolutely hilarious editorial from the Washington Times contending that Obama’s “proposals are more reflective of Canadian values than American national ideals.” Oh nooooooo!!! According to the editors of the right-wing, Moonie-owned paper, adoption of the dreaded Canadian values “will result in stifling initiative and rendering America less meritocratic.” Canadian economic policies it maintains are a demonstrated failure as indicated by the yearly exodus of “the most talented, dynamic and enterprising individuals” fleeing south of the border “in order to escape the stagnation and limitations imposed on them by their government.”

And on it goes with similarly ridiculous distortions, hackneyed stereotypes and fact-free assertions that can be easily demolished, as many have already done in the comments section to the editorial, especially with respect to the healthcare system.

Unfortunately though, our mendacious BT friends are ever busy spreading their Canada-hating lies far and wide, even in foreign newspapers. One writes: “The taxes are insane and the majority of the money goes to the collapsed health care system and the propoganda [sic] machine, the public CBC.” Yeah, right. Never mind that public broadcasting represents about 0.2% of federal spending, that’s where this putz thinks all his money goes. The same person also claims that “something like 90% of the people here that cannot find a family physician”… Gosh, it’s fun just making up shit, isn’t it? Something like just about everybody… Hmmm, better slap a percentage on that.