Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moral Orel: The Lord’s Greatest Gift

A multitude of thanks to Mark Francis for turning me on to this absolutely brilliant, wickedly hilarious show.

In this episode, after learning in church that God’s greatest gift is life, Orel recruits his friend Doughy to help protect that gift. They steal a copy of the Necronomicon from the library, then head for the cemetery to dig up a few corpses and bring them back to life. The two mistakenly believe that the dead smell because of their clothing, so they undress them. The naked zombies wreak havoc on the town and devour the brains of the living. Of course, this is Moralton, so even the living dead say grace before eating other people.

The citizens grow increasingly agitated, not so much because people are being mutilated, but because the zombies are naked. As Orel’s father explains to him, people should be ashamed of their bodies, just as the 11th Commandment states (it’s one of the “Lost Commandments” apparently).