Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Olympian Stupidity


Homosexual didn’t get off to a particularly strong start in the first semifinal, but by the halfway mark he had established a comfortable lead. He slowed somewhat over the final 10 meters-nothing like the way-too-soon complete shutdown that almost cost him Saturday. Asked how he felt, Homosexual said: “A little fatigued.”

We had some laughs about this in the comments over the weekend, but in case you missed it, here it is again for your enjoyment.

The American Family Association’s OneNewsNow, a loony “Christian news” website (think Lifesite, but even kookier) has an auto-replace feature that takes news feeds and makes what the group considers necessary changes, such as changing the word “gay” to “homosexual.” Needless to say, that made for some comical reporting of the Olympic trials due to a runner named Tyson Gay.

Update: Mark at Slap Upside the Head has some fun with the holiday implications of AFA’s filtering. Thanks for the link Dr. Dawg.