Friday, April 18, 2008

China = Nazi Germany?

It’s somewhat curious that the CPoC would shuffle notorious loon and pro-Apartheid wingnut Rob Anders (who’s been studiously low-profile and clandestine over the past couple of years) to the front of the deck as their spokesman on the matters of Tibetan autonomy and human rights in China.

While the Liberals’ critique is obviously quite opportunistic, it’s also legitimate. Is it really helpful in any way whatsoever to think “absolutely 100 per cent” that the upcoming Olympics parallels the event held in Berlin 72 years ago and in the process effectively compare one of our largest trading partners and most promising export markets with Nazi Germany?

Anders, I suspect, is animated more by a deep-seated hatred of “commies” than by any abiding concern for the welfare of the Tibetan people, although his religious fundamentalism may have something to do with his sympathies in this regard. Which brings to mind the sniping of Christopher Hitchens about the “democratic” pretensions of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama…

Stephen Harper, fearless LEADER that he is, has deftly side-stepped controversy surrounding the Olympics by recusing himself from attending the opening ceremonies for unspecified and rather mysterious “personal reasons” while at the same time, indicating that high-level government officials will be present. So what gives?

It’s funny that this government, for all of its adamantly strident insistence on being absolutely different from the dithering equivocations of the Paul Martin Liberals, so frequently evinces the same sort of fatuous waffling, flip-flopping and hopelessly muddle-headed thinking when it comes to… well, pretty much everything.