Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Decline & Fall of Anthony Flew

Quite sad really.

I think if this was a legal examination, the term “leading the witness” would appropriately describe this interview. Note that the “integrated complexity” argument that’s apparently critical to his reconsideration of theism was thoroughly debunked in the Dover Area School Board case and yet Flew seems completely unaware of this.

PZ Myers has written previously about the shameless exploitation of this addled old man by unscrupulous religious nutters.

Correction: My bad. It seems that mistakenly confused “integrated complexity” with “irreducible complexity” which is another matter altogether. The latter assertion was the theory debunked in the Dover case. The former is more of a philosophical concept that’s complimentary to Flew’s “deistic” views and an Aristotelian first cause. Thanks to commenter Peter for pointing this out.