Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Confederacy of Dunces

Doughy Pantload

Fellow gluttons for punishment should be sure to check out the Village Voice’s “Headshot Guide to the Right-Wing Blogosphere” slideshow by Tom Tomorrow and the hilarious “Visual Election- Season Manual” by Roy Edroso.

From the Jonah Goldberg entry:

ORIENTATION: Legacy-pledge conservative

TONE: Self-amused

FUN FACT: Son of Lucianne Goldberg, the Republican operative who got Linda Tripp to wear a wire in the Lewinsky affair; helped Mom spread the word in multiple TV appearances.

CANDIDATE: McCain, duh


MODUS OPERANDI: Goldberg’s comical persona—once pretty much all he had—is now mainly a fallback position in his attempts at serious commentary. For example, he begins one Goldberg File with the observation that “God, unlike, say, North Dakota, has an uncanny gift for staying in the headlines”; then launches into an incoherent but apparently earnest defense of religion based on the obnoxiousness of scientists and Penn Jillette; then wraps up with a philosophical assertion—“whatever electrochemical signals my brain may be receiving, my awareness of their existence doesn’t diminish the fact that I love my wife or that I think love is something more than mere electrochemical signals”—and a joke about a turkey sandwich.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Comparisons of the Democratic candidate (whoever he or she happens to be) to amusing inanimate objects and Nazis.