Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chris Matthews Explains the “Rube Mentality”

Here’s “blue collar guy” Chris Matthews (who’s a multimillionaire with a get-away home in Nantucket, by the way), the host of MSNBC’s slobberfest “Hardball” providing so-called insight into the minds of “ordinary” Pennsylvania voters. Apparently their choice is based on which candidate would be most likely to stop and help them fix a tire — certainly an all-important qualification for the next leader of the free world. Doesn’t the media ever tire of this ridiculous trope? (No pun intended.)

After initially seeming to be stumped by Maher’s question about why Hillary is polling so well amongst Catholic voters compared to Obama, here’s Matthew’s best effort to explain the mystery: “Let me find an issue that you agree with the Pope on here… you’re both against the war in Iraq. Catholics are generally against the war in Iraq and Hillary voted for it. Maybe that would be a logical reason, I’m not sure it’s the real reason, but that would make sense.” Huh… that would make sense? Logical? It’s astounding that anyone pays the slightest attention to this cosmic nut-case let alone to think that he has two shows on cable and appears as an “expert” all over the place… it really beggars belief.