Friday, April 18, 2008

Terms of Endearment?


It seems the “Phantom Observer” was somewhat taken aback by my snarky remark that the epithet “Libranos” comparing the Liberals to a fictitious Mafia crime family was kind of hackneyed and unoriginal given the scandal referred to was many years ago and, until to today at least, mostly a thing of the distant past. Somehow, “Phantom” thinks that the comparison to the Sopranos is “a good thing”… I’m not quite sure what twisted logic is involved in the development of such a position, although granted there’s something kind of endearing about the cast of characters portrayed in the HBO series. However, I suspect this is a rather disingenuous defense of what most would agree is a rather shoddy epithet.

So… I’m wondering what your favourite term for Harper and/or the “Conservatives” is and whether you think these silly taunts actually serve any purpose or perhaps do they just reflect somewhat poorly on the people who employ them…