Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Night Brenda Bashing!

Gotta love the “compassionate Conservatives” over at “Blue Like You!” and their ceaseless campaign of malicious character assassination and personal destruction against this rather pathetic woman inadvertently caught up in the dysfunctional Mexican justice system (that Amnesty International has rather politely described as “gravely flawed”) for no reason other than the fact that her case reflects somewhat poorly on the Dear Leader and his hapless government when it comes to “getting things done” for Canadians in trouble abroad.

Imagine... the sheer temerity of this uppity strumpet (who we’ve learned from Joanne is an illegal immigrant, an alcoholic, and a really bad cook) asking for documents to be translated into English so she could actually understand the decision rendered by the presiding judge! And surely, as congenital idiot “Alberta Girl” suggests, there must be an “alterior [sic] motive to her rabid, over the top defense.” Oy.

Just as an aside, why are so many “Conservatives” so profoundly illiterate?