Monday, May 12, 2008


Why doesn’t it surprise me in the least that paranoid crackpot, loony libertarian, and gun nut Frank Hilliard (aka Mess-O-Potatohead West) has written a self-published book called “Home Invasion Prevention” that claims to go “well beyond anything you’ve read anywhere else, beyond what police, security companies and most consultants traditionally recommend.” Frank invites readers to think of his “security game plan” like “a Russian doll” insofar as “you take it apart and there’s another doll inside that, and then another, and another.” Following the Matryoshka metaphor of nested dolls, one presumes that whatever is at the ultimate core of this cunning plan isn’t anything of great significance.

Not that it matters I suppose, but there’s no actual definition of what constitutes a “home invasion” so the statistics provided in the book have to be more than a little suspect. Nevertheless, according to his own “database” of such crimes, as of last month, there was all of one “home invasion” in Victoria. Yep, out of 146,000 households here (according to StatsCan) there was ONE such incident. To put the odds in perspective, you’re 29 times more likely to shoot a hole in one as being a victim of a “home invasion.” For Toronto, the odds are even more remote: 1 in 294,000. It’s hard to imagine losing any sleep over something so improbable ever happening, but such is the kooky, fear-filled world that lunatics of the far Right like Frank inhabit.

Update: Aside from being a pack of outright LIES and fabrications, my new little stalker buddy manages to miss the whole point of the post by a country mile. First some facts: Michael Moore is not my “idol” as claimed; there is nothing deliberately “anti-American” about this post; and it has nothing whatsoever to do with gun control.

The point was that traditionally, Canadians haven’t lived in FEAR, but have taken a fairly sensible approach to matters of law and order, and furthermore, have regarded the probability of being victims of crime with a certain amount of rational equanimity. Unfortunately however, gullible far-right lunatics like Frank and Tom that have been transfixed by media sensationalism, their own innate sense of paranoia, and the cynical bullshit of politicians happy to exploit such fears, live as a result in an edgy state of perpetual dementia about the ominously “threatening” world around them, even though the potential odds of their fears ever being realized are remote in the extreme.

Ironically, people like Tom, who justifies his abhorrent racism around the cockamamie pretense of preserving traditional Canadian culture are, in fact, actually working to undermine it with their hateful, terrorized approach towards our society.