Friday, May 16, 2008

A Question a Douchebag Might Ask

Baby Ezra

It seems Ezra is really scraping the bottom of the rhetorical barrel when he disingenuously asks the childish question:

“Why do Canada’s human rights commissions respect the Koran but ban a prayer from the Bible?”

Hmmm. Well, simply offering up an extract from the letter of complaint to the HRC by the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada is hardly evidence that “human rights commissions respect the Koran.” For what it’s worth, the snippet proffered is actually headed “Importance of the Prophet Mohammad for Muslims” and is part of the premise of the complaint by Imam Syed B. Soharwardy. Also, Quebec’s human rights commission made a recommendation to the city of Saguenay to stop praying before council meetings — it didn’t “ban a prayer from the Bible” as Ezra misleadingly states.

Regardless of whatever one might think about the merits of Levant’s case, it’s hard to see how being a deceptive bullshitter helps his cause.