Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting Things Done — In Secret

Super Secret Access

Great headline, huh?

Nice to see that under the “open” and “transparent” so-called “Conservative” government, that Access to Information requests have skyrocketed, while their processing has slowed to a crawl. The obvious solution to the problem? Give ordinary citizens the bum’s rush and make them wait even longer to get the answers they’re looking for from their government. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Let’s hear it for “accountability” and “democratic reform”! What a joke.

Update: Oops. Related to this, I forgot to mention that the “Conservatives” also just recently dumped the Access to Information registry. Another part of their whole “accountability” program. I’m sure you’ll hear great howls of protest about it from the “Blogging Tories” because they’re always concerned about such things. Well, at least they were when the Liberals were in power. Not of course that I’m suggesting they’re a sniveling bunch of hypocritical douchebags whose concerns about the transparency of government or interest in ensuring the right of citizens to obtain timely access to information ceases altogether the moment a “Conservative” government is in power. Perish the thought. Besides, I’m sure they’ve all got much better things to do… like say, regurgitating Kathy Shaidle’s latest post, which was just a truncated reiteration of another blogger’s post, and so on. Not that I’m suggesting they’re lazy or anything.