Friday, May 16, 2008

Gay Marriage in California

Oh my Gawd… The end of the world is at hand!!!

Or maybe not. According to a survey by the Mass Equality Education Fund, fully 84% of voters in Massachusetts believe marriage equality has either had a positive impact or no impact on the quality of life in Massachusetts and 82% of those surveyed said allowing gays and lesbians to marry has either had a positive impact or no impact at all on traditional marriages. Furthermore, the last time I checked, contrary to what the likes of Charles McVety and other “family values” wingnuts would have had people believe, the institution of marriage in Canada hasn’t collapsed either.

The unfortunate downside of this development however is that it’s likely to invigorate the efforts of moral fascists “social conservatives” like Tony Perkins, Mullah Dobson, et. al. Doubtless they’ll use the California Supreme Court decision to whip up the usual paranoid, anti-gay hysteria and launch state ballot initiatives across the country purporting to “defend marriage” that will likely have the effect of boosting turnout amongst so-called “values voters” at the polls this fall.

Update: More details on the decision itself at Mike & Dean’s place.