Friday, May 16, 2008

How Dumb is My Pet Troll?

Tom at Home

The panoramic stupidity of “Tom Robinson” really defies mockery (or at least makes it redundant), so we’ll just let him speak for himself:

“Today, Red Tory Version 2.0 is at it again. He lies and says that Bush took a swipe at Barack Obama by saying he won't talk to Iran or Syria. The problem is, Bush never mentioned Barack Obama during his speech, so it seems kind of childish to equate the two.”

Fact: As soon as the speech hit the wires, the White House aides privately acknowledged it was a reference to calls by Obama and other Democrats for the U.S. president to sit down for talks with leaders like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Everyone on the planet who isn’t a complete fucking moron with pudding for brains has interpreted the speech exactly in the way that I did yesterday morning after first hearing it.

“Red Tory, I know you just had a hip replacement because you fell down your stairs, but grow the fuck up and quit putting words in peoples mouths. What a pathetic piece of shit this goofball is.”

Fact: No, my hip surgery was the result of avascular necrosis, not falling down stairs. My you do love to make shit up, don’t you? As for not putting words in people’s mouths and growing up, maybe you should take some of your own precious advice you pathetic racist twat.