Friday, May 16, 2008

Obtuse Like You


How difficult can it be “deciphering” Chantal Hébert’s column this morning given it’s something that’s been stated repeatedly by a number of pundits and is quite plain for all to see — Stephen Harper’s government hasn’t seemed to manage the “psychological transition from opposition to government.” This is something that Rex Murphy said over a year ago with respect to Harper in particular. Hébert’s point, that she also made on last night’s “At Issue” panel on The National was that there’s simply no “institutional memory of government” in the Conservative caucus at the moment, having been almost wiped out in its entirety after the debacle of 1993. Since that time most of the leading figures of the party have come from the Reform/Alliance wing and are, in her opinion at least, perpetually stuck in “protest” mode — they’re anti-everything: the press, the bureaucracy, big business, the cultural elites, and so on.

As clear as this all is to anyone who isn’t totally blinkered, the point somehow mysteriously eludes the hopelessly dense Joanne who offers up her own bizarre, cockamamie version of what she imagines Hébert to be saying before throwing a pass to her fellow partisan spinster Sandy and her “impressive list” of so-called “accomplishments” that the Harper government has piled up during its illustrious time in office. Readers are invited to compare this to previous Liberal administrations… that she contends only ushered in the “Charter of Rights and Entitlements” and Same-Sex marriage. Yep, that’s it… they did absolutely nothing else worthy of note. Ever.