Monday, May 12, 2008

Dear Tom…

Your comments last night about not feeling like you’re in Canada when visiting Toronto (“as if I just got off a plane in China, or India, or Palestine”) and the subsequent anti-immigrant diatribe was one of the most asinine loads of fact-free, racist bullshit I’ve read in quite a while.

I’d certainly be interested to know what the basis is for your contention that “most Canadians see [Toronto] as a complete failure” because, at least according to you, of the relatively large number of immigrants living there. Complete and utter rubbish — likely pulled straight out of your backside, I suspect. By the way, not that you ever seem to let those ever-pesky facts get in the way of things, but the population of Toronto (metropolitan area) is closer to 5 million, not “about 3 million” as you stated. But hey… when you’re making shit up, what’s a couple of million here or there, right? Also, half of 3 isn’t 1. And the “immigrant population” isn’t 50 percent of the population; it’s more like 46% according to the most recent census stats.

Your contention that “people are leaving Toronto because of this problem” is total crap. The change in the percentage of immigrants to those born in Canada in Toronto is simply due to the number of immigrants increasing, not an outflow of “people” (by which I presume you mean “whites”). Over the period of 1986 to 2001, the number of immigrants living in Toronto increased by almost 800,000 or 65%. In comparison, Toronto’s Canadian-born population increased by almost 400,000 or 18%.

I have no idea what a “multiculti fanatic” is, unless that’s how you describe people who aren’t insecure, xenophobic racists. Also, what is a “real Canadian”? I’m an immigrant — I was born in England. Does that mean I’m not a “real Canadian”? Or is this just another euphemism abhorrent douchebags like you use when you actually mean white people?

How extra precious that you “like immigrants” provided of course that they “have the same Western culture” (whatever the heck that might mean — monster truck pulls?) as you. Again, I suspect the bottom line here involves your broke-ass racial bigotry more than being attributable to any “cultural” preference.

As for Canada looking “like a middle eastern country” in 25 years, that’s highly doubtful. In terms of the country of origin for foreign-born people in the Toronto area, the highest proportion came from India, followed by China and then Italy. In Vancouver, of the immigrant population by place of birth, only 4.4% came from the Middle East. Your fear of winding up living in a Muslim caliphate is nothing but a ludicrous figment of your febrile imagination.

Invoking the sacrifice of soldiers who fought and died in this country’s past wars as some kind of justification for your loathsome prejudice is truly reprehensible; if anything it’s a mark of your moral and intellectual depravity. With respect to Canada being founded on principles derived from the Judeo-Christian tradition, what that has to do with your dismal brand of racism and irrational fears about your precious “native culture” (presumably you’re not referring to the displaced First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities) being “overwhelmed” escapes me.

Tragically, the profound ignorance and despicable attitudes expressed in your comments aren’t altogether uncommon amongst rank and file supporters of the “Conservative” Party, even if they may have been largely extirpated (or at least temporarily suppressed) within the political caucus itself. One can only hope that even this hapless bunch of asswipes and reactionary mental midgets have the good sense and/or a modicum of common decency not to ever become complicit in a strategy of pandering to white racist scumbags like you.

Update: Oh goody. I’ve got my own personal stalker now.