Friday, June 20, 2008

Behemoth Stupidity


It seems a white-knuckle ride on “The Behemoth” (pictured above) at Canada’s Wonderland, left Joanne’s noggin even more brain-addled than usual. Today, she ponders the crippling effects the Liberals’ proposed “GreenShift” would presumably have on the country’s biggest amusement park, and by extension the Canadian tourism industry at large (“the beginning of the end” she suggests). I kid you not. Of course, none of her hysterically alarmist speculation is based on any… oh, what are those things that tend to annoy Joanne so much… ah, yes… facts or evidence; but gee, it sure is fun to let one’s imagination run wild, isn’t it?

At the risk of pointing out the obvious — oddly, something that never seems to have occurred to Joanne — the imposition of a carbon tax doesn’t seem to have impeded the successful operation of numerous amusement parks in Europe (approximate 300). Indeed, the top ten including Tivoli Gardens, Legoland, Disneyland Paris, Europa Park and so on, all seem to be merrily humming along with visitors approaching 50 million people, despite carbon tax regimes that are significantly more comprehensive and punitive to consumers than that proposed by the Liberals. Funny that.

Also, it might be worth noting a couple of other things. The great icon of the Canadian tourist industry in question is actually owned by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company of Sandusky, Ohio. Also, the overwhelming majority of Wonderland’s market is concentrated in and around Toronto. Accordingly, the facility is well served by public transit with the TTC, YRT, MT, etc. all providing specific, seasonal routes to the park.