Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spitball of the Day: Part 2


As groan-inducing as it is, let’s take another look at the asinine twaddle of the self-described “Thunderbolt Ross” aka the The Doughy Mullethead, et. al. Here’s a quick translation of the above-noted extract: “Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!”

It’s pretty laughable that “Tha Flamethrower” appears to think that his pompous bloviations on the Internet are going to make some tangible difference to the lives of aboriginal people in Canada — something I might add that otherwise appears not to be much of a pressing concern according to his own dismal little blog. Out of 551 posts at his perfectly described “Nexus of Assholery” it appears there’s precisely one dealing with aboriginal issues (and it was hacktacular mess that eventually wandered off topic and got hopelessly lost).

I really don’t know what this guy’s problem is. It’s not like I shut down the discussion or closed off comments or anything like that. I just said that I personally didn’t want to get into a “debate” over the matter, especially at that particular point in time. The post was intended to be about Pierre Poilievre’s horribly timed and ill-considered remarks, not a broader discussion that explored all the problems of the aboriginals in Canada. However, if people want to off on that tangent, well, nobody was stopping them. Good grief… what’s so hard to understand about that. It’s beyond me how “The Mindbender” twists this into a “Fuck that… Fuck them” attitude on my part towards the plight of native people living in desperate poverty and maladministration by the government over many decades. As I said at the time, it’s a fair discussion to have, that however just wasn’t the appropriate venue or time in my opinion.

And this has to be one of the dumbest things ever written: “Better to turn your back on those thousands of people living in poverty than to ever dirty your hands ever talking about how to solve that problem.” Yeah, because talking about it and blathering ad nauseam on the Internet can really make a BIG difference to the lives of native peoples in Canada. Golly, thank goodness our aboriginals have “Thunderbolt Ross” working fantastically hard to improve their lives by pissing off all sorts of people around the web and throwing petulant tantrums whenever they elect not to engage in one of his self-serving “debates” regarding an issue that’s suddenly of great concern to him. As for this notion of dirtying one’s hands, perhaps “Kid Cash” should try cleaning his keyboard in order to remove his defluxion and/or past seminal discharge… Just a suggestion. Oh, and here’s another one. The word is spelled “caricature” — I told you that before, you pompous baboon; but you still don’t seem to get it.