Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stephen Taylor’s “Associates”…

Kooky Tales of Junker Sr.

Allow me to very quickly translate Junky Paul’s latest post for you based on the information that he’s linking to: Islam is a religion that condones the criminal extortion of property from the elderly, kidnapping, the burning of bodies, forced starvation to death, and execution style killing of non-believers.

Why does Junky Paul assert something so vile and outrageous, you ask? Apparently, because a scurrilous anti-Turkey and anti-Muslim letter that was anonymously e-mailed to many so-called “counter-jihad” blogs on the web claims that the targets of a recently uncovered criminal scheme in Istanbul “were always non-Muslims.” (No proof whatsoever of this is provided, however.)

And uh-oh! This claim doesn’t seem to be supported by any of the legitimate newspaper reports, although one does mention that three of the “many” victims involved were non-Muslim. Considering the total value of the properties extorted by the gang is reportedly $30 million, there must have been quite a considerable number of victims involved. Rather than being “infidels” it seems being old and lonely made them targets of the scheme — most probably their religion was quite irrelevant to the criminals involved.

As for the opinion that Junky Paul blithely repeats that “The precepts laid out in the Koran and the hadith were adhered to, and the victims were chosen carefully to avoid targeting the faithful”… well, aside from being unsupported by the facts, it turns out to be that of an admitted racist and neo-Nazi apologist — the self-styled “Baron” Bodissey at the nutty Gates of Vienna website.

I wonder if Stephen Taylor is proud of the fact that his “Blogging Tories” has become home to so many hysterical racists, neo-Nazi “spooks” and fanatical anti-Muslim bigots that gleefully leverage traffic from his aggregator to pedal such malicious lies and fabrications to the wider public. Maybe he doesn’t care, but it certainly doesn’t shine much of a favorable light on the “Conservative” Party of Canada whom these people ostensibly support.