Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spitball of the Day: Part 4


Now, where were we? Oh yes, me supposedly being a rabid ideologue of some sort. Here’s where “Tha Flamethrower” attempts to get very serious; self-righteously scolding me for using the handle “Red Tory” because, apparently, I fail to “adhere” (why the italicized emphasis is required escapes me) “to the principles of the noble tradition of red toryism…” Such orthodox punctiliousness is fairly amusing coming from someone who flamboyantly styles himself as the clownish “Nexus of Assholery” and a host of other ridiculous monikers. But never mind that quibble, let’s see what’s really bothering the corpulent “Kid Cash” shall we?

It seems that, somehow or other, I “trample [the tradition of red toryism] to death”... Yikes! It’s not specified at all how this is so, but it sounds just downright rotten, doesn’t it? Perhaps his rationale for this allegation is my supposed indifference to the plight of aboriginal Canadians — a wholly ridiculous charge based on nothing more than my refusal to “debate” a petulant troll who then wildly extrapolated this rejection into a grotesque pack of lies about what he imagines my political outlook to be. Moreover, I’m accused of “insisting” that I “don’t need to behave like a red tory”… whatever that might possibly mean. One wonders how Red Tories “behave” exactly; or where they shop, for that matter.