Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spitball of the Day: Part 1


I should probably just ignore this desperate cry for attention, but let’s have some fun with the egregious mendacity of the self-described “Diamond Kid aka Kid Cash aka Thunderbolt Ross aka Tha Flamethrower aka The Mindbender aka...”

Above is the second paragraph of his didactic tantrum and already there’s four blatant lies. Does Kid Cash even know what “intemperate” means? Perhaps he should look it up. Also, what the heck does it mean to be “an intemperate”? Apparently The Mindbender doesn’t understand what an adverb is.

What are these supposed “inflated pseudo-controversies” that the Diamond Kid alleges me to constantly jump on? It’s a blog, for chrissake! If he’s referring to the usual Sturm und Drang and political memes that are grist for the mill, well then I’m no different from untold thousands of others in that regard. And since when did I claim to be “an original thinker”? Oh right, never.

Supposedly, Cynic is my “lord and master”… Uh huh. This is just more spillover from The Flamethrower’s pathological obsession with Cynic which is truly pathetic; a delusional fixation that borders on being downright creepy and weird. The guy even attempts to flog T-shirts that libelously malign the guy on his dismal little blog.

Do I “pretend to be an intellectual”? Well, I suppose, but the alleged pretense is simply The Flamethrower’s imagination at work. Do I refuse “to ever debate a real issue? It seems to me there have been a lot of lively “debates” or, as I prefer to regard them “discussions” around here — maybe he should check the comments (something that never occurs on his obscure corner of the web). Of course, this petulant bit of hyperbole is based on the fact that I didn’t want to discuss the broader issue of aboriginal affairs on a post where I was just pointing out that Pierre Poilievre’s comments on a radio program the same day as the Residential School Apology was being made were grotesque, insulting and wholly inappropriate. Being a classic troll however, Thunderbolt Ross wanted to change the subject and commandeer the thread with a “debate” he demanded be undertaken. Well, sorry Patrick, but I don’t bend so easily to the self-serving whims of trolls.