Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spitball of the Day: Part 3


Okay, we’ll try to make this one short and sweet. Here’s “Thunderbolt Ross” attempting to demonstrate how reckless I am with facts. Now, I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe I’ve ever said that “nobody” reads his shitty little blog — that would obviously be incorrect. What I have done is call it “obscure” and “dismal” and so on, which according to the latest Alexa ratings, it most definitely is — it’s mired in the distant 4 million plus range. And I have stated that nobody, or almost nobody comments on it — something that’s demonstrably true.

But here’s where the fun begins. Presented as irrefutable counters to the imagined assertion on my part that literally “nobody” reads his blog, “The Diamond Kid” offers his IPLigence vistor map, which I think has been on his sidebar for well over a month and by my count indicates something like maybe 700 visitors in that time. Whoop-dee-doo! I get more than that in a day. But then, “The Mindbender” doesn’t care about popularity and sneers at it with elitist contempt. Second up, and this is truly desperate, the results of a poll that he’s had on his site since June 7 and in that time has received a whopping 27 votes. Wowza! Look out Gallup. Well, he sure showed me that he was wrong when he imagined that I said “nobody” read his blog, didn’t he?

Having demolished his feeble strawman with a powerful demonstration of the fact that very few people read his blog, “Thunderbolt Ross” then concludes, for no apparent reason, with the rhetorical question “who needs facts when you have ideology?” Indeed. What that has to do with anything however, isn’t clear… and what “ideology” is he referring to? Who knows? Maybe we’ll find out in the next thrilling installment.