Tuesday, June 17, 2008

David Frum: The Wrong Man

It’s always mystified me why anybody listens to this profoundly silly man who, like Bill Kristol, has been, and most probably always will be, wrong on just about everything. Here, for example, is some priceless idiocy from yesterdays TNR: “I have my own personal nomination for vice president for McCain. It’s Rudy Giuliani, precisely because he shares the vision of a practical, reforming, war-winning Republican Party that inspires John McCain, plus the stronger-than-usual grounds for hoping that he might be the rare candidate who can make a difference in an essential state — in this case, New Jersey.”

Um, Earth to David… Aside from the fact that he’s a nasty, mean-spirited loon with numerous positions (e.g., abortion, immigration, gay rights, etc.) that are completely intolerable to so-called “values voters” and hard line conservatives, there’s also the fact that he: used police & tax money to pamper his mistress; surrounded himself with corrupt and criminal friends (felons, molesters and embezzlers); married his cousin (and divorced her); had several extra-marital affairs; divorced his second wife (in a very ugly way); has alleged mob ties; was responsible for Bernie Kerik disgrace; was implicated in numerous scandals; and… well, you get the idea.

Update: Translating Frum Ferengi. Hilarious.