Friday, June 20, 2008

Insurance Jive

Here’s a clever PSA by the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney Health Insurance Investigation and the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney regarding denial of health insurance claims or coverage due to unlawful, fraudulent or unfair practices. This is the wonderful kind of “free market” healthcare system most of our friends at the “Blogging Tories” would just desperately love Canada to have if they had their druthers.

Called “Insurance Jive” it’s based on the true story of Patsy Bates. Health Net canceled – or “rescinded” – Patsy’s health insurance policy after this 52-year-old grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, forcing Patsy to halt chemotherapy for several months while piling up $129,000 in medical bills. In the ad, which is inspired by the scene from Airplane where Barbara Billingsley translates “jive,” actress Beth Broderick plays a nurse who attempts to translate Insurance speak to a couple in her care.