Sunday, June 22, 2008

Afghanistan: “Hard, Harsh and Difficult…”

The above video presents a somewhat different picture of the fighting in Afghanistan than that being reported by our broadcast TV channels and cable news networks that generally seem content to act as dutiful propagandists for the Canadian war effort. And speaking of other points of view, from the allAfrica news aggregator, here’s a rather scathing assessment of the situation in Afghanistan by Owei Lakemfa, a spokesman for the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC):

I could not control my laughter when Afghanistan and Pakistan leaders, two puppets of America threatened to go to war.

Ostensibly the reasons are the activities of the Taliban and their allies who operate on both sides of the borders.

Hamid Karzai the President of Afghanistan has no army worth its name. At best, he has a contraption that a well schooled Boys Brigade equipped with bangers can put to flight. The fight against the Taliban is being carried out by foreign troops.

If the American-led soldiers were to leave, Karzai and his government will hold on to their boots pleading to be dragged along into exile.

I suppose one could dismiss Lakemfa’s vituperative diatribe as nothing more than leftist, anti-American claptrap, but aside from the harsh rhetoric, he’s probably not too far off the mark in most respects.