Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Countdown: No Country Club for Obama

Via Political Punch:

Interesting that Mr. Rove would use a country club metaphor to describe the first major party African-American presidential candidate, whom I’m sure wouldn't be admitted into many country clubs that members of the Capitol Hill Club frequent.

But the picture Rove paints is interesting. Who, pray tell, is Rove at this country club? The guy telling funny stories near the band? The charming president of the club’s philanthropic arm? The brainy guy with all the sports scores? Or the guy who vandalizes your car and blames it on the kitchen staff?

It’s hard to see how this bizarre analogy from Karl Rove helps McCain in any way, but it sure is fascinating to watch the methodical, relentless way in which the GOP and their operatives distort absolutely everything about their opponents. Although, to be fair, they can’t take all of the credit for this “condescending fairy tale” — some thanks in that regard have to go to the Clinton campaign that used a similar line of attack in the last months of the primary race.