Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bill Clinton: Bitter & Twisted

Bitter and Twisted

Interesting that the conservative-leaning Telegraph in the U.K. would break the big story today that “Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must ‘kiss my ass’ for his support”... The paper goes on to breathlessly reveal that Clinton “is so bitter about Barack Obama’s victory over his wife Hillary that he has told friends the Democratic nominee will have to beg for his wholehearted support...”

That’s all very juicy stuff, to say the least, but isn’t it also more than a little interesting that we’re hearing this just after all the puerile hoopla of the great public show of symbolic “unity” choreographed in New Hampshire yesterday?

Bill Clinton is a sharp politician, so it’s something of mystery what could possibly be gained trying to get Obama to concede that his campaign engaged in, and benefited from, smear tactics against Hillary. If he wants some sort of concession in this regard, it’s hard to see that ever happening. Moreover, doesn’t his alleged intransigence and embittered whining diminish whatever value he may have had as an asset to Obama’s campaign in the future? It’s all very puzzling.