Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SDA’s AGW “Logic” and Selective Memory

CO Global

Apparently, Kate McMillan has a message for “media pundits and editorial boards” that she alleges are unleashing a “Deluge of Propaganda” about the Liberals’ proposed “Green Shift” on an unwitting public. Providing a graph designed to illustrate what a teensie weensie amount of CO2 is present in the atmosphere (about 380 ppm), it’s presumed she’s contending that the whole issue of climate change is being vastly overblown by the dreaded MSM because the red/black line partially intersecting an enormous blue square representing the atmosphere is so comparatively insignificant, and moreover, the proportion of that said to result from human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, is even smaller. Well, this is just fucking brilliant, isn’t it?

Following this perverse bit of “logic” perhaps we should similarly ignore all toxins in the environment that are measured in parts per million because they’re such a ridiculously small amount when compared to total mass. Heck, why worry your silly heads about carbon monoxide emissions, for example, given that they’re naturally occurring in the atmosphere to a small extent as a result of volcanic activity and only register in the range of 100-200 ppm even in densely populated, auto-intensive urban areas? No big deal, right? Good grief.

And as for that “Deluge of Propaganda”… My, how quickly the wingnuts forget. Here’s a cache from National Newswatch from several days ago. Stories include the following:

• “Green Shift” Gives us the shaft
• Dion shifting money from Western pockets
• The Liberals tax shift (negative NP editorial)
• Dion’s plan is too good to be true
• Liberals give business the shift
• Shift happens (Sun editorial mocking the policy’s name)
• A simple plan in theory only
• The great carbon swindle
• PM: Dion’s carbon tax plan would ‘screw everybody’

Damn “liberal media”!