Saturday, June 28, 2008

H&C: Blue-Collar Voters Racist & Sexist

Interesting exchange from last night’s Hannity & Colmes with Fox News commenter and embittered former Clinton fixer Dick Morris (emphasis added).

Morris: “In terms of [Obama’s] real ability to get Hillary’s voters, he’ll get the women because they are pro-choice, feminist, Democratic Party people... But the votes he’s not gonna get and will be in play will be the white, downscale, male, largely blue collar voters who basically don’t like women and don’t like blacks and they had to decide which one they hated more in making their vote.”

Colmes: “Are you on a little dangerous territory there when you’re accusing people that you don’t know of being racist, not liking blacks, being misogynistic. You don’t even know these people and you’re accusing them of this.”

Morris: “I polled them and a huge portion of the votes that Hillary got at the end of the game, when she was saying, ‘I speak for white, hard-working American people,’ were people who were, basically, voting against Obama because of race. Her appeal was overtly racist and their response was overtly racist.”

Colmes: “But Obama talks about bitter people clinging to their guns and you come on and say, ‘You know, there are all these people who don’t like blacks, don’t like women.’ Are you saying the same thing in a different way than he’s saying? And he was raked over the coals for what he said.”

Morris: “Well, he’s running for president. I’m not.”

Indeed. But after all the outrage over Obama’s “bittergate,” it was more than a little ironic that when Dick Morris insulted blue collar voters with considerably harsher assertions, Sean Hannity sat quietly by and didn’t seem to notice... or care.