Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chrétien: “A Total Vindication”

Via TheGlobe & Mail:

The Federal Court has struck down Justice John Gomery's 2005 finding that former prime minister Jean Chrétien and his top aide bore some responsibility for the federal sponsorship scandal that rocked the Liberal government.

Justice Max Teitelbaum ruled Thursday that Justice Gomery’s inappropriate comments to the media throughout the hearings into the scandal betrayed bias against Mr. Chrétien and his chief of staff, Jean Pelletier.

“The comments made by the commissioner, viewed cumulatively, not only indicate that he prejudged issues but also that the commissioner was not impartial toward the applicant [Mr. Chrétien].”

Moreover, Justice Teitelbaum said Justice Gomery’s zeal to remain in the media spotlight trivialized the proceedings and tainted the perception of fairness.

Damn activist liberal judges! (And yes, Teitelbaum was a Liberal appointment.)

Correction: Justice M.M. Teitelbaum was appointed by the Tories in 1985.
Thanks to Kirok and Jason for pointing that out in the comments!